Online classes vs. Face to Face classes

With the increase use of technology and the expansion of online educational tools, more and more people are opting to take Online English Classes.  Before deciding which is a better fit, one ought to weigh the costs and benefits of each.

Online classes definitely have a more flexible schedule, allowing you to choose the time and frequency of classes. In addition, you decide where you want to connect to the platform: whether at your home, office, travelling, or even your favorite café.

With face to face classes, the interaction is more intimate and the communication is fluid, mirroring interactions you may have on a daily basis at work, socializing with friends, or when travelling abroad.  Furthermore, you have somebody who is there to correct you punctually, knows what your weaknesses and strengths are, and who can give you feedback on a constant basis.

One of the principal issues with Online teaching courses is that the main focus is completing the online written activities thereby limiting time with a real teacher or interaction with other students.  Additionally, you don’t have someone mapping your progress consistently, which is fundamental with language development.

So when weighing the costs and benefits of which option is best for you,  there are quite a few to consider.