New Year´s Resolutions

With every New Year comes new goals, objectives and lifestyle changes, or what we call resolutions.
Going to the gym, eating better, travelling more are just a few of the common resolutions friends typically mention. But occasionally we forget about improving upon skills we have learned previously, and one of the mistakes we make is related to language development.

earning and sustaining a second language is an ongoing skill that needs to be continually refined.

Whether it be reading, listening to movies/music, or taking conversation classes, mastering a second language should be one of the principal resolutions on our list. Not only does it help our personal development but opens the door to many more job opportunities and promotions with international companies.

When evaluating your new year´s resolutions, don´t leave this valuable skill of mastering a second language dormant too long, or you may just regret it at the end of the year.

May 2018 be successful for all of you!