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English Job Interview Preparation

There aren´t many things as scary as walking into a Job Interview not knowing which language it will be in.  As everyone knows, a job candidate might look great on paper:  have loads of work experience and a top-notch educational background.  But if you cannot explain your professional and educational background in a clear and concise way, chances are you will not get hired.

Master Business English prepares candidates looking for new job opportunities with multinational companies who demand a proficient level of English. We go over typical interview questions related to your professional development, academic achievements, and labor experiences, highlighting “key words” that will help you stand out with your potential employer.

We also help review a candidate´s Resume/Curriculum in English as well as off translation services from Spanish – English.

Trump vs. Clinton

The U.S. Presidential race is heating up with both sides trading barbs on a daily basis, looking for any kind of advantage while heading into the homestretch of this crucial election. The results will have global ramifications and could alter existing financial and military agreements with foreign countries.

Trump is putting his weight behind the argument of expanding jobs and boosting national industry by reviewing and possibly eliminating Free Trade Agreements with countries that include Peru. He is also promising to reduce the U.S´s participation in the military alliance NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) whose primary mission is to safeguard the security of member´s borders.

Clinton has opted to stick to the Democratic party line that both her husband Bill Clinton and current President Barak Obama forged, which is to promote trade through international agreements as well as strengthen the U.S.´s military presence throughout the world.

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